We constantly stock tonnes of the very best coals to suit all coal-burning stoves in homes and businesses across the Glossop area.

Best Quality. Best Prices. Coal In Glossop from Glossop Coal & Logs

When it comes to finding the best quality and prices for coal in Glossop – we here at Glossop Coal and Log Supplies simply won’t be beaten.

With tonnes of coal continually on-site, anything can be supplied, from a 20kg bag to however much you need – at the best prices in the area. And with FREE delivery to your door in the areas covered- you can be sure of real value for money as well as a quality service.

As leading Coal Merchants too – you can be sure the quality of coals supplied is second-to-none.



A choice of superb quality coals in Glossop

We offer a wide selection of coals to suit your needs and budget. The coals available are:

  • Smokeless Ovals – ideal for multi-fuel stoves in “Smokeless Coal” Areas.
  • Anthracite – Coals with high carbon content and fewest impurities.
  • Petco – Quality multi-purpose fuels.
  • House Coal Doubles/Trebles – Ideal for use in open fires in non-“Smokeless Coal” Areas.

It is important that if you are in a “smokeless” area that you purchase smokeless coals. If you are unsure whether your area is a smoke control area then please check here.

Whether you need advice about which coals to buy – or are simply looking for the best price in town – feel free to click the button below for a quote on the best quality coal in Glossop.

House Coal, Red Ovoids and Excel Smokeless Ovoid Briquettes

Coals Available 

Anthracite Smokeless - 25kg - £9.50

Anthracite Smokeless

25kg - £9.50

Calco 25kg - £8.50


20kg - £8.50

Cosy Coke £9.50

Cosy Coke

25kg - £9.50

Excel - £10.50

Excel - £10.50

Glolite Smokeless Coals - £10.00

Glolite Smokeless Coals

25kg - £10.00

Glovoid Coals 25kg - £10

Glovoid Coals

25kg - £10

Homefire £12.50


20kg - £12.50

Lignite nuggets - 25kg - £10

Lignite Nuggets

25kg - £10

Premium Ovals 25kg- £9.50

Premium Ovals

25kg- £9.50

Supertherm 25kg - £10

Supertherm 25kg - £10

25kg - £10

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